Homework Menu – ‘I love…’

On Friday we will be bringing home our brand new homework journals for the 2015/2016 school year. Every week we will be set a new homework challenge to complete in our journals using no more than one double page of our journal.

Our first challenge is called ‘I love…’ – click on the link to view the challenge Homework Challenge Menu – I Love

I Love

7 thoughts on “Homework Menu – ‘I love…’

  1. Connor.c

    Hi, Ruby thanks for your brilliant,nice,wonderful and marvellous comment. What do you do for your homework?

  2. Grayson

    First of all I love the way that you designed your website and page. I love that you put all the amazing pictures and the church with the spire. That’s just so extraordinary. I can’t believe that you live in the UK. I’ve always wanted to live there. I hope that you have fun and that you continue to blog.

  3. Hannah

    This picture seems amazing. My name is Hannah. I go to Ute Pass Elementary School. My favorite part of school is everything but recess. I am 10 years old I’m love the sport of singing,dance,swimming and Gymnastics. Hopefully you are having a great school year. Have FUN!

  4. Mr H

    Hi Ruby, thanks for your lovely comment on our blog I’m glad that you like the way that we do homework at Barrow Hill Primary School. How do you do homework at your school?

    I can’t wait to read your reply.

    Mr H at Barrow Hill, UK.

  5. jasmine

    This is a good idea for homework and I hope you have fun! I also wish you a great start of the year

  6. Ruby

    That’s such an awesome idea, I think we should start doing that!!
    I’m commenting from St Luke the Evangelist, my name is Ruby
    I cant wait to see what you are doing later in the year!!!
    From Ruby

  7. Madeline B

    Hi Mr Heeley’s class,
    My name is Madeline. I’m from Mrs Gridley’s class (http://juniorsblackburn.edublogs.org). I think your homework ideas are great! I hope you are having a great start to the year! I can’t wit to hear more from you.

    Keep up the great work!

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